Home Cooking: Easy Seaweed Salad

Yellow peeps, summer is at your door? Lucky you! We’re on the other side of the world, winter is coming! Hoho… But, I still want to share this amazing and super easy seaweed salads. I am a huge fan of Japanese Cuisines (Asian Cuisines just because I am Asian and I grow up chewing those good stuffs. Hahaha…). Aside to their sushi and sashimi, there are plenty more foods that I love, one of those foods is seaweed salad or normally called wakame salad. It is also found in Korean Cuisines I believe, as I am used to gobble up extra plates of this salad at Barbecue restaurant. They’re used to provide it as a side dish along with Kimchi and many other stuffs (psst… good restaurants provide it for free! Don’t you love it??).

Well, allow me to share a little story behind this post. On Tuesday eve, I came home from work late and I was thinking to have a refreshing dish but filling enough. I remember watching a video from Maangchi (she’s really good!) cooking different dishes and she made this seaweed salad (Korean version… don’t ask me the Korean name please, all I know is eating it up). I checked on my fridge, woohoo… everything I needed was there! PERFECT! I modified a bit, but the taste it’s just like the one I had from the restaurant. Yum yum yum!


Check this one out, baby!

Hope you try and like it.


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