Well, this is my new blog after the previous was gone unreachable. Even I have tried to save my journal. Anyway, it does not matter anymore as i have it now…

Where do will we start?

Let’s start from me…

I like writing a lot,. It is just like part of my life. Inherited from my beloved Dad. He was great with literature and math. My brother does as good as he is. I have been writing since i was a little girl, but my first writing was officially published when I was on my second grade in Senior High School. My first step… Then, I start my first log when I enter my college world. Most of my writing is my own experience, my own story that inspired by others.

Then, in the middle of 2008 I had my chance to work in tourism industry. Working in that particular field allow me to get many big chances to see the real world that spinning beyond what I have knew. Tourism industry is an interesting subject to explore and then I start to write my travel experience which was I never thought before. What a fool…

And,… Here we go…

I will be very delighted to share my travel story, as fresh from the first bite, just like the strawberry ^^

Any comment will be welcomed

Recommendation and ideas will be more than pleased…

I do hope that you let your body, mind and soul to feel the line.


Should you have any inquiries or any recommendation or just would like to hit me, just drop me a line to my email address bellow:

Email: strawberrytraveler[at]gmail.com

Happy Writing!!!


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